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Helping you run faster and prevent injuries with intelligent running gait analysis.

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Key Features

Designed by runners

Running is one of the most accessible sports in the world, and we want to keep it that way by offering FluidStride for free!

Free virtual coaching

FluidStride studies your form and highlights exactly where you can improve with easy to understand feedback.

100% Mobile

Run everything off your phone. No internet connection is needed, so you can improve your form anywhere!

Video Sessions

Watch past recorded sessions with FluidStride's automatic frame by frame annotations marking your form like a digital coach.

Running Analytics

Review post-training analysis like stats like stride length, cadence, footstrike angle, and vertical oscillations.

Share with friends

Easily share your annotated training videos to your friends to brag and/or get advice!

Your data stays private

Your personal training data and videos always stays on your device.

Use any training videos

Analyze existing videos or use FluidStride's built in camera to study your form.

Community driven

Our users are our family and we're always open to feedback and suggestions for new features!

How FluidStride helps you

We all run for different reasons, but regardless of why you run, FluidStride helps you achieve your goals and have fun!

Casual Jogging

Improve general health

  • Avoid bad running habits
  • Compare progress over time

Fitness Training

Stay fit and injury free

  • Reduce injury risk
  • Build fitness

Advanced Training and Racing

Set new records

  • Improve running efficiency
  • Safely increase mileage and intensity