About FluidStride

FluidStride is a running gait analysis app that uses modern computer vision and machine learning to turn your phone into a virtual running coach! By analyzing your running gait, you can improve your efficiency and identify potential injury risks.

Regardless of your fitness level or where you live, running is a sport for everyone! We want to keep running fun and help you run faster using science and engineering. Modern smartphones are some of the most accessible and powerful devices around the world. We believe you can do more with your phone than just basic timing and distance measurement.

Running is not just about stats and how long it took you to get from point A to point B. It’s also about how you got there and the journey you took. FluidStride aims to focus on more on you personally and your running journey. We want to help you enjoy running by keeping you training safely and effectively.

Here at FluidStride, we’re very much driven by passion rather than a desire for profit. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to reach out!

If you have time, we would really appreciate it if you could fill out our survey!

About Me

Hi! My name is Sean and I’m an avid runner and a computer engineering student. I started FluidStride as a hobby project based on my previous competitive running experience at the high school provincial level.

I was inspired to start this project when I noticed some imbalances in my own running gait. Furthermore, I mainly trained independently and felt like I missed out on the potential development and feedback that I could have gotten with a regular coach.

I decided to start FluidStride to see if there were ways to train smarter using recent computer vision research. So far the results have been promising and I hope to have a first version of FluidStride available to the public in Summer 2021!

Happy running!